Creative Director to a team of in-house designers and a team of freelance designers; 
Project Manager; Liaison between the third party development team and Scott Kay's 
Executive Team
Design Strategy
E-Commerce User Experience > Launch Strategy  
Homepage Launch Strategy: Scott Kay is a multi-dimensional brand and its homepage needed to reflect both sides of its brand.  Its creator, Scott Kay became well known in his ability to create the lightness and beauty of romance within his bridal collections. He was also legendary for the darker, more mysterious fashion creations.  
Homepage: Featuring both bridal and fashion jewlery 
Single product page: Users are able to make various selections within their purchasing journey. 
Category Page: Users can view several pieces of jewlery at once. They can also filter to narrow down their choices or isolate a particular pieces of jewelry and click through to the single product page. 
The Result
A rich and alluring web site full of mystique that captures the romance of relationships and the details of the people within that relationship. 
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